Vocal Variety Tips: Overcoming the Drone of Your Monotone

Have you ever sat through a presentation and the speaker almost lulled you to sleep? As they droned on, you wished you had an IV drip loaded with double espressos.

Unless you’re the luckiest human alive, chances are high you’ve been victim to Mr. or Ms. Monotone. The only thing that could possibly be worse is if YOU are the one who’s dropping boredom bombs on the audience.

Well, fear not, help is on the way! In this 5-minute video we cover one sure-fire way to perk up your voice and pep up those speeches: vocal variety!

Varying your vocal inflection on certain words will liven up your presentation and help your audience better understand your message.

Vocal pitch is simply defined as the highs and lows of sound. You can give a simple tweak to your vocal pattern by raising your pitch on a certain word and dropping your pitch on others.

In this video you’ll learn how to:

  • Discover and overcome any “pitch ruts” you may have fallen into.
  • Find the operative words in a sentence that give it its maximum meaning.
  • Accentuate the operative words by raising or lowering pitch.
  • Vary your pitch at the end of sentences to maintain the audience’s attention.
  • Change your voice from monotone to magnetic!

Follow these simple vocal variety tips and watch your audience lean forward in their chairs and hang on your every word!

We’d love to hear from you (after you watch the video, of course!), so leave a comment below and let us know if there are any speaking ruts you’ve fallen into. We’re here to help pull you out!

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