Two gifted dreamers, dedicated to creativity and led by curiosity, we both knew from a young age that our talents lie in the area of performance. Acting was a natural outlet for our expression, and we excelled at digging into meaty roles, inhabiting characters and other worlds, and moving people to laughter and tears. Once the bug bit, there was no stopping us. 

Amy followed that pursuit to Los Angeles, where she graduated summa cum laude from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television, while John received a Master’s Degree in Acting from UCSD.

We’ve both worked consistently through the years in commercials, theatre, TV, film and voice overs, sharpening our voices, body language, movement, eloquence and imaginations.

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But the crucible of life forges new paths.

As we grew in our breadth and depth of learning, we began to realize a greater goal.

While we loved being actors, we saw how our talents could not only satisfy our creative selves but also help other people.

John followed his entrepreneurial spirit, earned his executive coaching certification and began coaching lawyers to speaking perfection. He also founded the Los Angeles Academy of Performing Arts, training hundreds of kids and teens in performance skills over the course of eight years.

Amy put her writing skills to use first as an MBA coach, helping aspiring leaders maximize their GMAT scores and write winning admissions essays, then as Managing Editor and Senior Marketing Writer for industry leaders. She perfected the art of storytelling for business, writing books, ad copy, articles, manifestos, coaching programs and more.

As John’s coaching success and Amy’s writing career flourished, we realized that we have the perfect fusion of skills to step into a larger arena and make a more inspiring impact on the world…together.

We knew we wanted to merge our gifts for storytelling and performing, and what better way to do that than to help YOU step into the full embodiment of your presence.

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Let’s Improve Lives Together

Your dreams are the rocket fuel for change. When you’re living in the flow, sharing your talents with the world and achieving success, you’re creating ripples of abundance that touch lives in ways you may never know. But rest assured, you’re creating miracles.

We want to create as many miracles as possible, which is why we donate a portion of Presenting U. proceeds to One Voice, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit that provides everything from crisis intervention to long-term programming to help lift families out of poverty.

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We believe the world needs passionate and purposeful leaders to step into their power and be agents of change. We know you’re one of them.